Discover guidelines and recommendations for the design of parts to be manufactured by CNC machining.

How to reduce your costs when manufacturing machined prototypes?

There are some aspects of design that can make the manufacture of machined parts more difficult and therefore more expensive. That’s why we at Proto&Go! have taken our experience from making thousands of prototypes and provided you with this guide in order to help you create your designs.

What is included in the guide?

  1. General concepts about CNC machinery and machining process
  2. Geometric characteristics to be taken into account during the design phase
  3. Recommendations for cost optimisation
  4. Considerations for the design of threads and screw joints
  5. Critical design points

Who is this guide for?

Engineers, designers, planning engineers, technicians, students or general professionals involved in innovation and/or development projects that require parts to be manufactured using machining processes such as CNC machining.