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What CNC machining is
it about?

Machining is a manufacturing process that involves a number of operations for shaping parts by removing material by machining, either by turning or milling.

The competitive advantage offered by machining compared to other prototyping media such as 3D printing is the optimum surface finish, allowing parts to be obtained in a variety of materials. Our production processes allow us to obtain machined parts in both plastic and metallic materials.

advantages of
CNC machining

CNC machining includes the processes of turning, milling, wire cutting and EDM, and is ideal for meeting the majority of product development needs, always starting from the geometry defined by a 3D file.

Here are some of the benefits of precision machining:

High precision parts and possibility
of different finishes.

Upload your files to our platform and save time that you would lose using other communication channels.

A 3D file is always essential and should only contain one piece.

3D files

To indicate the threads present on a part, you must also upload a drawing in .pdf format to the platform.

To use our service it is no longer necessary to invest your time in making all the annotations on the drawings, the 3D file is enough.

Parts manufactured and delivered in just 8 working days

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cnc machining

for metals

With drawing: Tolerance quality equivalent to IT7 can be achieved.

Without drawing: ISO 2768 fine

CNC Machining tolerances

Tolerances Metals

Cost estimation

Aluminium 7075
Carbon steel
Stainless steel

cnc machining

for plastics

With drawing: Tolerance quality equivalent to IT11 can be achieved.

Without drawing: ISO 2768 medium

CNC Machining tolerances

CNC Tolerances Plastic

Cost estimation

ABS Natural
ABS White/Black
Polyamide - PA
Delrin - POM
Polyethylene - PE
Polypropylene - PP
Polyvinyl - PVC
Polycarbonate - PC
Acrylic - PMMA
Teflon - PTFE
Polyamide - PA +30%GF
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