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First of all, the facility of use of our platform, the very short deadline, the limited cost and the confidence of “on time” delivery.

We have greatly simplified the communication needed to obtain parts and prototypes.

We save you a few emails, as many calls, problems with files, versions, materials, plans, misinterpretations, etc. ….

Simply upload your files, select the manufacturing material and place your order online. The rest is simply await to receive a package from us in your office within a few days.

Engineers, designers, universities, creative studios, innovation teams, R&D centers, maintenance departments, startups, and soon you!

We make team development more efficient by providing access to the tools needed to manufacture in the most optimal way, in cost and time.

Proto&Go! owns machinery and tools for the manufacture of your orders, although it is true that our exponential growth makes it necessary to have external partners specialized in each type of production.

Even so, Proto&Go! prides itself on quality standards that extend to its network of collaborating manufacturers, so we can guarantee that your parts will meet your requirements and probably surpass them. 

We currently use two types of technology to manufacture parts and prototypes.

We have some very cool offices and a production centre in Montcada i Reixac, an industrial district about 10 km from the city of Barcelona. 

If you do not have a 3D file (igs. or .step) we will not be able to manufacture the parts and not even make the offer since all our softwares require that file. 

However we have many engineers and designers friends so contact us and we will try to put you in contact with one who can help you.

Confidentiality is the key in our business so we take it seriously just as you do. 

We are committed to ensuring that your files only pass through the indispensable hands to be able to manufacture your pieces.

As much with our personnel as with our collaborators we have signed documents that guarantee the non diffusion of proprietary information.

Mmmm….there are doubts about some member of our team but generally we could say yes, we are human and we are here to help you. 

It is true that we have invested thousands of lines of code in developing our own software to make our production and logistics process faster and more reliable and that gives a better service to you.  

Now that we know each other a little better, you know that we are a perfect choice for manufacturing your parts and prototypes Mechanized in CNC or manufactured using Silicone Moulds. 

Log in to our  online form and ask for a quote right now!

In order to request a quotation, all you need is a company e-mail where you wish to receive the quotation, a 3D file (step format, stp, igs, iges) and select the material in which you want to manufacture your pieces from the list of materials available on our Quotation request form.

Our platform is optimized for the latest versions of major browsers (Firefox, Edge and Chrome)

We recommend you use one of these browsers and make sure you do not use Internet Explorer as it is too obsolete.

To use our system, it is absolutely necessary a 3D file in one of the accepted formats (step, stp, igs, iges).

Our system does not work from 2D files of any kind. We only need the 2D files to define the characteristics of the threads, if the part has them.

STL or OBJ files are mainly used for 3D printing. CNC machining machines do not identify this type of file and therefore our system cannot offer quotes from this type of file.

We recommend that you use the native file with the software you used for the design and export to STP.

It is probable that this file contains more than one piece. Our machines manufacture the parts one by one so requires that each file contains only one piece. Make sure it doesn’t contain multiple parts of an assembly, screws, commercial items,…

Depending on which native software you are exporting from to neutral formats (.stp,…), the resulting file may contain errors. This often happens with software very oriented to creativity but less industrial component.

In addition, STP files are more solid than IGS files so we always recommend that you use this format.

Our system can manufacture from 1 unit to thousands. When quoting, you can request a price for 3 different quantities and the system will offer you prices for the quantities you require.

En el formulario de solicitud podrás ver el listado de materiales con los que podemos cotizar y fabricar tus piezas:

In the request form you will be able to see the list of materials with which we can quote and manufacture your pieces: Quotation request. 

This is difficult but at a prototyping level:

If you need a cheap plastic prototype we recommend you to use ABS-Natural.

If you need a cheap metal prototype we recommend you to use Aluminium Without Specifying Alloy.

To clarify some basic characteristics of each material you can see the details of the materials in the following link:  Materials

If the material you need is not in our form, we probably will not be able to attend your request. We also recommend that you select any other but indicating what material you need in the Observations area next to each part and our technicians will verify the feasibility of manufacturing your parts with that material.

Prices do not include VAT. If you want to know the price with VAT, you can add the pieces to the shopping basket, where the detailed VAT will appear.

The VAT will only be applied to Spanish companies.

No, not at all. Our customers have already discovered that they can save all that time. 

We can only need a drawing if your part contains threads, inserts, some specific tolerance, or something specific to stand out in the geometry but for the rest forget the drawings! 

When you made your quotation request we sent you an email with a Username and Password. You must login with that username and password in My Account. Once logged in, in the main menu you will be able to see your current and past quotations, your orders, delivery data, invoices, etc…

Once you have placed your order you can call us within 24 hours to let us know that you require a modification and we will try it. After this period, you will not be able to modify it since the production process will have begun.

To do so you must login to My Account, select the pieces you are interested in and add them to the Basket by selecting the quantity of each one.

Once in the Basket you can obtain a paper copy of the offer by clicking on “Print Quote”.

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Deferred payment to 30 days (contract conditions must be satisfied)

This option is available to customers who request it and who meet the following conditions of contract:

The customer must have previously placed orders over €3,000 in the last 12 months.

The report resulting from the risk study, carried out by an external agent on credit guarantee security, must produce a positive result with a guaranteeable credit.

Especially with a lot of love but going into details, the pieces, except those of very small sizes, are packed and packaged individually, also adding an identifying label for each piece, referencing the traceability: order number, file name, material, quantity, etc …

Anti-shock wrapping material is always used to avoid knocks or scratches during shipping. 

If the delivery address is local, in Spain, the shipment will be made through the courier company Nacex.

Shipments to any other point in the world will be made by DHL.

Yes, the minimum is 150€. 

You can also place an order for a lower amount, in this case the difference will be completed up to 150€.

In addition, no matter how simple a piece may be, the minimum manufacturing cost of any piece is 46€ for the first unit.

The shipping costs for Spain are 15€ with delivery service in 24 hours before 19 hours. For orders over 250€ free shipping.

The shipping costs for the European Union are 25€ with 24 hour delivery service (in some remote places 48h). For purchases over 250€ free shipping.

The shipping costs for any other country outside the EU are € 85 with express delivery service (48/72 hours). For purchases over 500€ free shipping.


Once the order has been placed, you can call us within 24 hours to tell us that you wish to cancel the order and we will try it. After this period, you will not be able to cancel it since the production process will have begun.

If the package arrives with signs of deterioration or damage related to transport, you must contact our Customer Service Department and notify the damage.

All obvious damage must be reported on the carrier’s delivery note. 

Although we make every effort to ensure that this never happens, we are human and can make mistakes. If this happens we will ask you to notify us, by email, within 48 hours after receiving the order of the non-conformity and the reason for it. 

We will ask you to repack the pieces and leave them ready to be picked up by our transporter.

Once we have been able to analyze the nonconformity we will propose you to correct the error if it is possible or to repeat the order. 

The return and reprocessing of an order due to nonconformity does not entail any cost for the customer.


En nuestra web, tienes a tu disposición un servicio de chat en directo con nuestro Departamento de Atención al Cliente. Escríbenos tu duda y haremos lo posible por resolverla.

Además, puedes ponerte en contacto con nosotros: o en el teléfono (+34) 93 668 26 02.