Aluminium is a very versatile metal whose properties make it ideal for the manufacture of prototypes by CNC machining. Aluminium is a material with an excellent strength-to-weight balance, with good temperature and corrosion resistance. It is a material with excellent weldability, easy to manufacture by CNC machining and ideal for protoyyping. Aluminium is a material with low risk of deformation after being manifactured by CNC machining, which offers various finishing options, making it a metallic material widely used in industry, especially in the automotive, transport, electronics, aviation, among others.


CNC Machining






Not specified

The most economical option. We will choose the most suitable alloy according to geometry and available stock.


Excellent corrosion resistance. Ideal for marine applications.


One of the most widely used aluminium alloys. It is characterised by its hardness and corrosion resistance as well as excellent machinability and weldability.


Alloy with slightly higher strength than 6061. Machinery and structural components.


High strength aluminium alloy originally developed for the aerospace industry. High strength components. High cost.



Without finish

Visible signs of surface machining are visible on the part.


Powder painting surface finish with the desired colour. RAL or Pantone.


Improves corrosion and the aesthetic appearance of the parts. Colours silver, black, red and blue.

Nickel Plating

Nickel Plating applied to metals to improve strength and aesthetic appearance.


Surface matting that removes machining marks.

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