Polyvinyl chloride or PVC belongs to a large family of materials called polymers. These materials have the same structure, i.e. they consist of macromolecules called monomers. Through a chemical process called polymerisation, these molecules string together in long chains to form a new material called a polymer.

PVC is the most widely used plastic in the world and its many applications are present in our daily lives..


CNC Machining






Proto&Go! offers you all its technology to manufacture CNC machined parts in PVC.

Thanks to the specific software developed by Proto&Go! you can now request your quotation for your parts easily through our online form and receive them anywhere in the world by express delivery.

Our CNC machining technology is suitable for both simple PVC prototypes, common in industry, as well as 3D prototyping of complex surfaces, offering a real alternative to 3D printing or sintering.

Select PVC from our over 100 available materials, both plastic and metallic, upload your 3D files and in less than 24 hours you will receive your online quotation with an estimated delivery time.

Do not hesitate to ask for a quotation without obligation and benefit from a technology currently only available to big companies at prices affordable to any user.

Thank you for trusting in the manufacturing services of Proto&Go! to obtain your prototypes and single parts in PVC.