At PROTO&GO! we are lucky to be surrounded by very talented women in the #STEM field, and the best thing is, there are more and more! of us!

On the occasion of #Women’sDay today, we would like to share with you a success story of one of our clients. It is the company #marsibionics , lead by Elena García Armada, a Spanish industrial engineer. Elena developed the world’s first bionic exoskeleton for children with spinal muscular atrophy, a degenerative disease that affects around 2.000 children in Spain.

We, at @protoandgo, offer #marsibionics services in CNC Prototyping, Vacuum Casting and small series production for its designs and are proud to be able, in this way, to contribute to the innovation of projects that have such a high social value and, in this specific case, make the lives of children who are suffering from neurological diseases easier.

Using this example, we can see how essential the role of women is for evolution and development in sectors such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. However, the most important thing is to provide young women with all the knowledge about their different options. In this way, they can decide on their own, without prejudice or social pressure, where they want to develop their potential.

Currently, the percentage of female graduates in STEM fields is 36.4%, a promising number as it has been increasing significantly in the last few years. However, the main difference shows when we focus on the leadership positions within this sector. Here, the percentage drops to 4% of female CEOs in the STEM sectors, and Elena Garcia is one of the women leading projects with such high value for our society. In this context, the engineer points out how important it is to promote scientific professions and technical careers among young women.

We have provided you with an optimistic graphic about the percentage of women in STEM professions in the Spanish university system. We at the I-MAS Group (@i_mas_design), of which PROTO&GO! is a part, see a great need to promote science and technology careers among young women. We are also proud that 41% of our employees are women who are involved in innovation and technical projects.